Unlimited food options for railway passengers

Whenever you talk to railway passengers about issues faced while traveling, they will always complain about the food service. While the quality of food served by the railways is very good compared to many other options, they lack the variety due to many reasons. Their primary concern is to provide some food that will satisfy the hunger, and they are not there to run the business like a restaurant. In this regard, it is not possible to expect too many varieties from them. The private restaurants have pitched in to cash in on this drawback and providing passengers with many choices.

Order any food of your choice:

  • When you are traveling by train, you can even order food from outside restaurants. To do this, you have to use the mobile apps or the websites of the latest food technology companies in the country.

  • By using the service, you can just order healthy food from across 2000 stations all over the country.

  • You have the freedom to choose from multiple restaurants and order dishes from the menu. The food will be served to your seat, and there is no need to go anywhere to collect the food.

  • As soon as the train reaches, the delivery team will send their people with the food packet and give it to you at your seat.

  • You can easily pay them online or by cash. There is a big menu, and you can choose from a wide variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes at any time while traveling by train.

  • As well-known restaurants serve the food, you can expect hot and hygienic food that is delicious to taste.

  • You can also order specialty food from local sellers and get anything you want using the service.

  • Other than that, you can also use the app to check for the railway timetable and track the movement of your train.

If you prefer to order fresh food at Nagpur Junction, all you have to do is to open the mobile app and select your train number. It will display the list of all major stations that come in your route. Choose the station where you want to have food and click on the tab. This will open a new window which will have a list of many restaurants that offer food in that station. Choose your favourite restaurant and select the menu. Finally, proceed to confirm your order and make the payment online. You can now relax as the food will be delivered to your seat whenever the train arrives at that station.

This is not only useful for people traveling by train, but for the visitors who also come to the railway station to receive guests. In many cases, the trains will be delayed by a few hours and people have no other option but to wait for such time at the station. In that case, it is an added benefit that these people can also order food to be served at the station from their favourite restaurants. They need not have to go out again to have food. This will save a lot of time and make it very easy for such people.

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