Things to Know About Rail Reservations

Everyday thousands of people travel in trains across India. Trains are the lifeline of Indian commuters. Hence, availability of train tickets is a general issue. Therefore, it becomes important that you book your tickets beforehand. Ticket booking is a complete process and you must check the railway seat availability.

Types of Railway Coaches:

  1. A) Unreserved: Usually there are four such coaches, two in the beginning right after engine and two at the end. You don’t need a reservation to travel in these; you only need a running ticket from platform. These coaches are generally overcrowded and getting space even for sitting is a matter of luck. If you are planning on travelling in unreserved forget about bedroll, you are never going to need it. But don’t forget to bring chain and a padlock for your luggage.
  2. B) Sleeper Coach: There are usually 10-15 coaches in the train and these need reservation. It is a good idea to bring your own bedroll like a thick blanket and an air pillow. For budget travellers this is the best option.
  3. C) Sleeper A.C 3 tier or 3A: These are the air-conditioned coaches and more spacious than sleeper coaches. Though the seats arrangement are just like the sleeper coaches. For those seeking comfort, this is the best option. You get the bedrolls in some and in some it is available on request.
  4. D) Sleeper A.C 2 tier or 2A: These are even better version of 3A coaches. They have a touch of luxury and privacy. Bedrolls are available for use.
  5. E) A.C First Class: These coaches have even a higher level luxury and privacy. Fare of these match the fare of economy class of airplanes.
  6. F) Chair Car: These coaches are generally in day running train. They have a look of economy class seating in airplane and fare slightly less than 3A.

So, before you book a ticket, pick a coach and see if you have seats available. Now even here things are not easy.

You might see some abbreviations here;

  1. A) Available: This means you can book you ticket without worrying. You will get to see how many seats are available in the coach you have picked.
  2. B) WL: Meaning wait list. If you see these two words, it means the seats are full, and you will be in queue. If there are cancellations may be then you will get a confirmed seat.
  3. C) RAC: Meaning reservation against cancellation. It means you cannot cancel the ticket, and you will be getting a seat not a complete birth.

After you have booked your ticket, and if it shows WL or RAC, you can easily check if it has moved up. You will have your PNR number. There are many websites where you can check PNR status. Enter your PNR number and you will get the status. Your ticket will have two numbers. For example, WL10/WL5 or WL10/RAC5. Your PNR status will be the second one, from the example it will be WL5 or RAC5. If it gets confirmed you will see WL10/CNF. You will get the coach and seat number once the chart is prepared. So, always remember to book your tickets in advance, order your food on TravelKhana and travel safe.

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