The Passengers can Enjoy Quality Food in Train also now

To go for a long distance is not that easy as one needs to have a detailed plan for the same. There are passengers who just want to explore new and distant areas as well as those also who need to travel due to business or profession reason. The reason of travel may be anything but the problems of an average passenger with Indian Railway is same. The biggest challenge for the Indian railway was to provide the food to the passengers on board who travel on a long distance route. There are many options the department came up with in past but due to one or other reason, none of them got a grand welcome by the passengers. Hence the passengers always remained worried about the food availability. Their concern is also genuine as the trains do not stop at any station for more than 1 or 2 minutes and in such a short time one cannot get the food packed from the vendor on a platform also. For the passengers with elderly people and children, it becomes too difficult to handle the situation.

The food parcel:

Considering the problem of food during the journey the food parcel service is the best option that a passenger can use while he is traveling. As per this service one can place the food parcel order to the service provider by a phone call on his service number or visiting the website. If one calls the customer care, he can listen to the menu as the executive can read it for him while on the site, the menu is displayed. After checking the menu and finalizing the item, he needs to inform where he wants to get the food delivery. He can get online food delivery in train at Bilaspur Station if the train is passing through that station and if he wants it there. He also needs to give the details such as PNR number, name and contact details. The passenger can make the payment by offline or online options. Once the order is confirmed the passenger can relax as he will get the delivery of the food parcel at Bilaspur Station. The executive from the service provider provides the food parcel when the train reaches the station. Hence the system is too easy to follow and also too much helpful to the passengers.

Why the food parcel is so popular?

Well, there are numerous reasons that can answer this question appropriately. The foremost important reason is the ease of food availability as the parcel is delivered at the seat of the passenger. The timely delivery and quality of food are other drivers that have made the system popular among the passengers of all the categories. The quantity is also enough for a single consumer and the rates of the food parcel are also too reasonable that can help the passengers to satisfy their hunger. In a nutshell the service due to its benefits to the passengers has been more popular among the passengers.

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