The Land Of Chicken Samosa and Khoya Jalebi: Jabalpur

The first things to come to one’s mind when Jabalpur is mentioned are the national parks and the seamless Narmada River that had given rise to one of the biggest public protests in India, the Narmada Bachao Andolan. Also remarkable is the city’s food culture. There is a food for everyone’s taste here and a food for every mood. From the popular Shrikhand to the lip smacking Seekh kebabs, Jabalpur is sweet and spicy at the same time. Having been ruled by various dynasties- from the Gonds to the Marathas, the flavours of these cultures can be felt in the taste of the local cuisine here.

To tickle your taste buds a bit more, here is a list of some popular local food of Jabalpur. If you can’t find out time to visit the place, don’t be disheartened, you can always go for food delivery in Jabalpur if your train is going via Jabalpur and halts on the station there. Here goes the list:

The Finger Licking Good Khoya Jalebis

Well, honestly, if you have not tried the Khoya Jalebis of Jabalpur yet, believe it, you are missing a lot in life. It is a local food of this place which came into existence after the thorough efforts of a local sweet maker. Made from thickened milk being fried like jalebi in thick sugar syrup, this food will give you a taste of heaven with every bite. People combine this with lassi very often. The duo has the same effect on you like that of Jai and Veeru when watching Sholay.



If you are visiting Jabalpur anytime soon, do not miss upon the delicious Bhutte ki Kheer, make a note of it. As popular as the Tiger reserve of Jabalpur is, this regional dish is made by cooking sweet corn in milk. It is basically a sweet dish and has been popular for its very different taste. Bhutte ki Kheer is the traditional food of Jabalpur.


Ever wondered where this delicious and light breakfast food originated from? Well, Jabalpur seems to be the home of poha. Almost every street has a poha vendor standing around the corner during morning times in Jabalpur. This sweet and salty flavourful dish is worth a try if you’re visiting Jabalpur. Although you must have eaten it many a times, the flavour of this dish here is worth giving a try.

Seekh Kebabs

Kebabs might have been originated in Lucknow, the true taste of seekh kebabs can only be found in the kebabs of Jabalpur. Made by mixing soft minced meat pieces into herbs, spices and corn flour to give it a texture, the sausage-shaped dish is worth being a gluttonous eater for. They are the ultimate treat for your taste buds!

Every city has its own different food culture, but Jabalpur is just too rich at it. The sweet dishes here make it impossible to ignore the magic in the hands of the chefs here. A rich heritage indeed does render a rich food culture to a place.

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