Surat and Its Important Railways

The ancient city of Suryapur has been renamed to Surat at 1520 AD and at present, is the second biggest city of Gujarat state. Famous and acknowledged all around for its diamond merchants and textile industries, Surat is been reckoned as the 9th biggest metropolitan area of the country. Backed with a domestic airport and a well to do port expanding its services across overseas, it is a must watch place for sure.

Indians prefer to travel via train as compared to other modes of transport and Surat railway junction is been accessed by thousands of passengers on daily basis. The major station serving the Surat city is ST and also is been known as the second most earning railway junctions across the West Zone of the country and connects North India with many Central as well as Southern locations. Surat railway junction is quite well connected with leading stations of the country and is backed with all facilities including ATMs, waiting rooms for passengers, café, restaurants and others.

Being a halting destination for many trains, Surat railway station is well constructed and developed and even many e-catering service providers have been serving people at station and even passengers in train’s good quality and fresh food meals at decent prices. One of them is Travel Khana that has tied up with reckoned restaurants of Surat city providing excellent e-catering food services delivered right at seat berth of passengers. So, what are you thinking of? Pick up your phone and make use of such services and enjoy your travel.

The ancient city of Suryapur in the west of India has always been an attraction for various businesses. By 1520 AD, the city of Suryapur was called Surat and is today the second largest city in the state of Gujarat. Surat is well-known for its textile industries and diamond merchants. Surat also has a well-functioning port, which expands its businesses overseas. Surat is considered as the 9th largest metropolitan area in India. It has a domestic airport with good facilities; however, most of the Indian population chooses trains to reach the place. It also acts as a gateway for the cross country travel from Northwest of India. Every train or bus travelling in this route passes through Surat and halts for supplies.

Surat Railway Station-

Trains are preferred the most by Indian travellers and the Surat Railway station is accessed by millions of Indians every day. The station code for Surat is ST and is the major station serving Surat City. The railway station is the second most earning railway station in the West Zone as it links the Northern India with many Southern and Central major locations. Surat Railway station is very well connected with New Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore and many more major stations in India. The railway station offers all the facilities that a traveller would need. The station is well-equipped with waiting rooms for passengers, ATMs of various major banks, internet café, restaurants and many advanced facilities. Surat station is a halt for many trains travelling to Mumbai from North. This makes the station very important for travellers and that is the reason why the railway station is very well planned.

Online Facilities -

Indian Railways have majorly gone online and almost all procedures can be completed online even from your Smartphone. You can book your tickets online and track your train’s running status to make sure that you never miss your train. As we pointed out earlier, Surat is a halt for many stations, and, for this reason, there are number of e-catering sites that provide food delivery in train at Surat. E-catering in train at Surat is very simple way to get quality food right at your seat. You can choose from many famous restaurants in Surat and get your food in train at Surat, when your train arrives at the station. The food delivery system delivers food to your seat, hence, always order well in advance for perfect delivery on time.

All the above mentioned online features have been introduced deep into the system. However, a very less number of passengers make use of the amazing facility. The onboard kitchen has limitations and this is the reason of low quality and service. Make use of the online interface to get your food delivered from a good quality restaurant in town. Always provide a feedback on the service given to you so that the websites can work for improvement. Surat and its facilities can be effectively used for your comfort during your long train journey.

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