Savour delicious local food at Jabalpur

Situated on the banks of river Narmada; Jabalpur is the famous place of Madhya Pradesh, which has the large marble rocks, which leaves the tourists in awe. But, one must not forget the fact that it is also a place where traditional cuisines gets mixed with the contemporary ones and creates delicious items that are hard to forget.

Those who have visited the place and tried the local cuisines, say that it is a perfect blend of Marwari and Mughlai style of cooking. Most of the dishes are rich, spicy and creamy. This is because ghee or butter is the main ingredient in almost every dish cooked here.

Even when travelling on train, you can look for food delivery in Jabalpur station and one can order both vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes as both are available here.

Do not miss them!

Pilaf: A local name of Pulao and a unique dish prepared in Jabalpur. It is a local preparation made of green peas, carrots and basmati rice. It is lightly spiced up with cumin seeds, chopped garlic, bay leaves and ring onions. The perfect side dish along with this pulao is a spicy and tangy tasted raita.Keep on eating Kebabs at Gorakhpur

Seekh Kabab: Though a Mughlai delicacy, it is also a famous dish of Jabalpur. Made of minced meat and a mixture of spices, these are the sausage shaped items, which are grilled thoroughly before serving. Sometimes butter is applied to make it softer.

Chicken Samosa: It is a fast food, which has a very high demand in Jabalpur. In fact, it is made and sold by every road side vendors of Jabalpur. A fried and delicious snack is a favourite of all. A batter is made with flour and then a mixture of meat and spices are stuffed within it. It is then deep fried in oil and served hot with tomato sauce or spicy green chutney.

Salted Rabdi: Do not get surprised by the name. You have always tasted Rabdi that are creamy and sweet. Isn’t it? But not here! In Jabalpur, it is made of Bajra flour and various spices are added to it. A dish worth trying when travelling here!

Sweet Sweets!

Khoye Ki Jalebi: Though Jalebi is a very common sweet dish in India, yet Khoye Ki Jalebi is a unique preparation of this region only. It is made of thickened milk and sugar syrup. Then rose water is sprinkled over it to add a different aroma.

Malpua: Though originated in Bengal, Malpua has gone under experiment in this region. Here, it is made in a shape of pancake and curd and semolina are the main ingredients used to make it. Here, it tastes sweeter than those available in Bengal.

Khopra Pak: It is a delicious sweet dish available here. It is a dessert, which is coconut based and has a flavour of cardamom and saffron. The main ingredients are thickened milk and sugar syrup.

Thus, Jabalpur serves you the platter of delicious foods, which you cannot afford to miss. From spicy to sweet, they have every variety stored for you.

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