New Delhi Railway Station: The Station That Matters Most

India is a big country with high population density, and with the income levels of the people rising significantly over the past few decades, more and more people are travelling more and more on business, for education, on jobs or pilgrimage or for fun. The main transport mode is the Indian Railway network, which is simply huge. It transports 23 million people every day and has as many as 7,172 railway stations, from which 12,617 passenger trains operate daily. In all, 7,421 freight trains carry 2.65 million tonnes of goods each day.

Links to Cities -

Being the capital of the country, New Delhi is directly connected with every part of the country, most major cities and state capitals and even smaller cities by air and train services. The New Delhi railway station is among the top three biggest and busiest stations of the railway network. Most major superfast trains like Rajdhani and Shatabdi leave from or terminate at New Delhi, or stop at New Delhi.

A Huge Station -

The station (station code NDLS), the main railway station in Delhi, is located near Ajmeri Gate and Paharganj. As many as 350 trains and five lakh passengers leave or arrive at its 16 platforms every day. Situated centrally and two km from Connaught Place, most trains going to eastern and southern parts of the country originate at New Delhi. Many important trains going to other parts of the country also touch the station.

New Building -

The new station occupies 86 hectare area. Its new building, costing Rs25 crore, was opened in 2009. The floor area of the three-floor building is 9,000 square meters. The station has free Wi-Fi connectivity and the facility was made available to train travellers at the cost of Rs80 lakh.

Facilities -

The IRCTC Traveller’s Executive Lounge, opposite platform number 16 of the New Delhi railway station, is a five-star waiting lounge for passengers awaiting the next train. Its charges are Rs300 for three hours. These cover expenses on a buffet meal and snacks with beverages. For shower, the charge is Rs175. For a stay beyond 3 hours, the charge is Rs125 per hour. This covers snacks and beverage. The payment is through a smart card.

Good Food -

Food-in-train service TravelKhana offers an excellent and sumptuous range of food to passengers at the New Delhi railway station. The food can be ordered from city’s popular restaurants and food outlets. Passengers have to call an hour before reaching the Delhi station to get the food delivered right at their seat. TravelKhana ensures top quality, freshness and quantity.

The Metro Link -

New Delhi station on Delhi Metro’s Yellow Line serves the passengers arriving at or leaving from the New Delhi railway station for different parts of the country. The station is connected directly to the Indira Gandhi International Airport by the Delhi Metro’s Orange Line.

Traffic Congestion -

Although steps are being taken continuously over the years to streamline the traffic from and to the New Delhi railway station, the traffic problems have persisted. People have to start early to reach the station early so that they do not risk missing their train. Those arriving at the station find it hard and time consuming to reach their destinations. With the plans for new Metro stations and a bus terminal close by nearing completion, it is being hoped that the traffic problem will soon ease significantly.

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