Mouthwatering food items in Surat

Surat has been a proven place when it comes to food along with food habits of the people. It is not only famous in Gujarat, but its popularity extends to the national level in terms of types of food, food habits and the people are so fond of food that they can even die for it.

Surat has gone on to set standards and set new benchmarks in quality and taste of food. Food delivery in train at Surat station is a concise indicator on what are the items you can expect in this textile and diamond city.

Surati Lachoo

It can be considered as the staple snack item of Surati people. It has an interesting piece of history, as once a farsanwala was making khaman (that is itself a delicious snack) but before fully cooking it, he took half cooked of it by mistake, and when he tasted it, he found it that it was more delicious than the khaman and he went on to name it Locho. The best part is that it is available in so many varieties like butter locho, cheese locho and out of all the places, near the railway station Gopal Locho is the most famous.

Surati Ghari

It is a sweet item and has an ancient history attached to it. Once upon a time, the army of Tantia Tope stayed in Surat and a Brahmin Mr. Dev Shankar prepared a high calorie sweet and it was very much appreciated by the army. In the earlier days, it was Dev Shankar who made and sold Gharis, but he winded up his business and some of the destinations where you can taste this sweet dish are Mohan Mithai or Thakore sweets.


Though being a part of Punjabi cuisine, the people of Surat have adopted Partha in such a manner that it is really commendable. It is more like a domestic cuisine and they are various varieties of the same like aloo paratha, gobi paratha or paneer. In fact, there are more than 30 to 40 varieties of parathas in veg as well as nonveg. when served with pickle and curd it is a delight for sure.

Special Bhajiyas

If the people of Surat have one weakness, it is Bhajiyas and many varieties of the same are available here. If you want to taste onion or potato bhajiya then G. Dada at Nanapura or tomato bhaji at Dhumas beach is considered to be a heaven. Apart from these places, all the local sweet shops have on their plate most varieties of bhajiyas.


One of the popular and highly consumed snacks in the state. Served with hot and sour chutney, they are yellow stick made of special flour. Originally started by gaanda kaka, near station road Faafda, is found all over the city.

These are some of the popular food items dished out in the city of Surat. On a personal level, I can hardly forget the food items and street food of this place.

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