How to do PNR Status Check?

Have you heard about the term PNR? Do you know why it is important to do PNR status check Indian Railways? Do you know how to do this? If not, this post is definitely going to help you out in a promising way. PNR is one of the most vital things when it is about booking online train tickets and it stands for Passenger Name Record. It is a unique ten digit number that is generated in an automated manner for each ticket and gets stored in the computer reservation system database. The concept was firstly been introduced by the airlines and with time, it became functional with other modes and systems as well. PNR number stores basic information of the passenger as well as about the train in which he or she is travelling including name, age, sex, date of birth, train name, any berth preference, seat no, coach no and ticket no and the destination name, quota and class. Also, it depicts the mode of payment used while buying the tickets.

PNR number is important equally for the passenger as well as computer reservation system database. Available at the right hand top side of the ticket, once you know this ten digit unique number, you are entitled to check the status. Thinking why to do the check important? It is always beneficial to do PNR status check Indian Railways or from other websites and get confirmed about the reservation status. There are majorly four different means through which you can do the same, through online portals, SMS, mobile apps, and see the reservation chart that is been prepared about four hours prior the departure of the train. Most of the people prefer to check PNR status through online portals and websites and in like few minutes, get all the information regarding your status and travel.

You can visit even the official website of Indian Railways, enter your PNR number and check out the status of your booking. If you don’t have internet connection anyhow, there is absolutely no need to worry as all you have to do is to type PNR and your number and send it to 139. Within few minutes, you will get a message enlisting all your ticket details and information. Most of the people feel awe stuck while accessing website of Indian Railways due to heavy rush and private sites in such situations feel like a boon that provides information that is reliable and that too within minutes. Travel Khana is one of the reliable service providers upon which you can completely rely on for getting updated information about the running status of a train or PNR status or getting distance between stations or checking out Indian Railways time table or anything. Above all, it is been engaged in providing fresh and tasty food delivery in trains to passengers directly over their seats at pretty decent prices. So, make sure to find the status of your train anytime and stay updated about everything in advance to stay away from any kind of hassle.

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