How to Check Seat Availability in Indian Railway?

The railway is a more preferred mode of transportation for many travelers. There are various reasons behind their preferred choice. The Indian railway has a record of services provided to travelers for more than a century. The best part of the Indian railway is its widespread network, which connects the cities of various states. However, in the past, there were many lacks in the services, but since a few years the services provided by the Indian railway have significantly improved. There are a number of trains which run on a daily basis and people like to book their tickets for these trains well in advance.

seat availability

The Status Inquiry:

It is very much important for one to know the status of his booking before going on the journey. The Indian Railway Seat availability is much easier to check. There is a PNR number provided to every passenger while booking the ticket. This PNR is a key for availability of many services. One can check the seat availability by calling the call center and quoting the PNR. The operator can tell him the exact status of his PNR whether the ticket is confirmed, in waiting or Reserved against Cancellation.

Other Modes of Inquiry:

There are other means of train seat availability inquiry also. One of the leading methods is online inquiry where one can generate the inquiry through a computer. The computer needs to have an internet connection, and one needs to visit the official website of the Indian railway. One has to go to the space where the seat availability status is mentioned. One needs to enter his PNR number which consists of ten digits. During every journey, a new PNR number is issued to every traveler. Once the PNR number is entered, it provides information about Name of the traveler, Age, Birth number, Coach Number and status of the ticket.

Another mode of the inquiry for PNR is through mobile phones. The mobile phone can be with either iOS or Android. The official application for the seat availability has to be downloaded by the passenger. Then, one needs to enter his ten digit PNR number, and all the details of the seat availability will be displayed on the mobile screen. While making the inquiry through smartphone, the internet connection is a precondition.

Another way for the inquiry of seat availability is through SMS where one has to send a message to a particular number, and all the detail is sent through a text message to the traveler. It is very much important to have a confirmed ticket before going for a longer journey. Without confirming ticket, the journey can be proved as a nightmare.

The Inquiry through online mode is much popular as the website of the Indian railway is quite user-friendly that anyone can use it without any hassle. The internet site of the Indian railway is also regularly updated and provides accurate details to the passengers. A journey with a confirmed ticket can be a very pleasant experience with the Indian railway.

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