Have a sweet journey to Burdwan

Burdwan is a part of West Bengal and is famous for some unique and delicious sweet dishes, which have originated here.

The sweet sensation

Burdwan has been a place, which has seen the origin of some famous sweets of Bengal. They are the delicious Sitabhog and Mihidana. Mihidana is also known as the heritage sweet of India. So, when someone is traveling here and looking for food delivery in Burdwan station, they will find numerous station vendors selling Mihidana and Sitabhog.

Mihidana: A mouth watering sweet dish, which is made from a batter of gram flour and a perfect mixture of Gobindobhog rice, Kaminibhog rice and Basmati rice. This batter is mixed with water till it becomes fluffy and light. A certain amount of saffron is also added to it. This entire mixture is then cooked well in a hot pan full of ghee, and then, this fried mixture is dipped in sugar syrup so that the sweetness gets completely absorbed in it. This dish is a perfect sweet lover’s delight as one will never forget the taste that keeps on lingering. This is a special dish of Burdwan and is available widely in parts of Bengal only. People who visit from outside carry a box full of Mihidana to their home to cherish it back.IMG_0981

Sitabhog: On the other hand, this sweet dish is also a specialty of Burdwan. This is a flavoured one which has white rice and small pieces of fried balls made of cottage cheese, sugar and rice flour. The rice flour and cottage cheese are pasted in dough, which is then parted into tiny long threads and then fried in hot ghee. These fried threads are dipped into sugar syrup and then cloves, bay leaves and saffron are added to it. After that, those cheese cottage dumplings are mixed with it before serving. These dumplings are also deeply fried and dipped into sugar syrup before mixing. This delicious sweet dish is a must try when one is travelling to Burdwan.

History speaks sweetness

As history says, when India was a part of colonial rule, Lord Curzon, who was then the Governor General of India, came to Burdwan to entitle the King of Burdwan, the Maharaja title. It was then, the king of Burdwan, ordered the sweet makers to make something unique, yet traditional sweets to welcome the Viceroy. A local vendor came up with the unique recipes of Mihidana and Sitabhog, which were delicious and later became famous.

Apart from the famous sweet dishes, local cuisine of Burdwan is not much different from the regular dishes available in Bengal. Rice being the staple food of this region, local people loves to have fish curries too. The main ingredient for cooking the dishes is mustard oil.

If you get a chance to visit Burdwan, then the sweet dishes are a must try. If you have not tasted Sitabhog and Mihidana yet, then you are losing on some very delicious items. You cannot afford to do that.

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