Have a quiet holiday at Akola

Not much people have heard the name of Akola city. It is a very small city which has a lot of historical significance and is located in the state of Maharashtra. It is said that Akola is the oldest city of India and has most significant sites to be visited. There are many forts located near the city of Akola like Akola Fort and Narnala Fort but the nearest one is the Balapur Fort.

Balapur Fort: This is a fort which is located at a place where two rivers meet. This is located at the meeting point of River Mhais and River Maan. It is a huge and magnificent fort which is almost 26 kilometers away from the city of Akola. This is the centre of attraction of this city though. In the year 1721, it was built by son of Aurangzeb called Azam Shah. He though started the construction, but failed to complete it. Later in the year 1757, this fort was completed by the King of Ellichpur, named Ismail Khan. This fort has three gates and the temple of Bala Devi (from which the fort got its name) is located in the southern part of the fort.

Ganesh Temple: This temple is a very old one built in the year 1886 and this temple is situated in the old city of Akola. As the name suggests, this temple is dedicated to Lord Vignaharta (who removes all the obstacles in life) or Lord Ganesha whose idol is laid down within the temple.

Vithhal Rukmani Temple: This temple is located at the heart of Akola city and is almost 300 years old. It is also a place for great tourist attraction.

Mahadev Temple: As the name goes, this temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva who is the omnipresent god according to Hindu mythology. There is a great festival held here every third Monday during monsoons. On that day, people from all over the city and even outside the city come here all the way walking to the temple to offer their prayer to Lord Shiva.

Have a taste of this city

When you are travelling here and want to order food online at Akola Junction, you must know that local people here love to prepare spicy dishes. The staple foods in this region are rice and wheat. Apart from that the regular food items include lentils and green vegetables. The most famous dish available here is the Akola style local curry made of buttermilk and besan. Then there is aamti, which is a type of lentil curry made from tur daal and chickpeas. Apart from these, there is another special dish, which is called solkhadi. It is a local style curry, which is made of coconut milk. This is not a Marathi dish. This dish has arrived from the Konkan region and has a different style of preparation.

So, when in the oldest city of India, you need to try some delicious local dishes and also visit the famous places here.

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