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In this age of fast movement trains are also on right track to offer best facilities and services to the passengers. However, in the last few years, the railway has undergone revolutionary changes that have made it a leader in the mass transportation field. There are many options to travel from one area to another but particularly when it is a long route travel the best option is a journey through train only. There was a time when the Indian railway was seriously worried about food availability to the passengers, and therefore it arranged for pantry car as well as licenses to stalls on platforms also, but it did not get much success. Finally, it got the solution of this problem in the form of food parcel to the passengers and hence allowed the food parcel service providers to take orders from passengers and let them have quality food.

The system of the food parcel is easy to understand and handle. To know the system one needs to understand the functionality of the food parcel that can offer quality food during the journey on a long route train. The primary attraction of this service is its timely delivery at the concerned station. One can ask for food delivery in train Howrah Jn and can see the delivery boy waiting for the train at the Howrah Jn. There is no deviation from the order that is placed by the passenger and supplied by the food service provider. One can see a lot of delivery boys awaiting the train at the concerned station to deliver the food parcels to the concerned passengers. Female passengers and old age people who cannot get down from the train to buy anything from the platform store, this service is highly useful.

The system:

The food parcel service is a network service connected in a chain by a particular service provider. He has various counterparts in different cities and as per the order placed by the passenger; the concerned food is packed in a parcel and delivered to the passengers by his delivery boy. The communication to the service provider is possible on the website as well as customer care service. The passenger can use these both mediums to place the order and accordingly the parcel will be delivered to the passenger.

Advantages of the system:

This system has got many advantages, and hence it is popular among the passengers. The timely deliveries, reasonable rates, change in food items, ease of placing the order and quality of food are some of the leading drivers of this service. The food parcel services are available on a number of long route trains presently, and many more are going to be added in coming months. Hence with the help of this service, the problem of food for the passengers of the long route has been a past matter now, and this is a new of great relief for the passengers as well as the department of railways. Now the passengers are keener to go for long route journey by railway.

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