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In this age, the mode of transportation plays a huge role and affects the society as well as travellers to a large extent. Considering the fast changes coming into the society, the transportation has also entered into a phase of cut throat competition. Understanding the changing scenario, the department of the railway brought significant changes to its system that has covered almost all the facets that include booking of tickets, reservation, and availability of seats. For the passengers who need to travel to a distant area, the train is the most suitable option. However, until a few years back, the passengers were not that keen to travel by train as there were lots of problems they had to face before and during the journey.

The transformation of railway:

With the revolution in society due to information technology, there are a number of areas in the railway that have proven too much useful to the department as well as the passengers. It has a system to book tickets online and check the reservation status also. There is also an application with the help of which the user can check the PNR status and also know the status of a running train. The department also has set special teams to provide the real-time updates to the users on the site as well as the application of different platforms.

The food parcel service:

The food parcel service is the latest feature added to the excellent services of the railway. As per this service, if the passenger wants to have the food delivery in Gorakhpur station, he needs to provide the information about the same while placing the order. To place the order also, the supplier offers two different options. As per one option, the passenger needs to log on the website of the service provider and read the menu. Here he also needs to provide the PNR number and contact details as well as the name. The passenger here can make the payment online by credit or debit card as well as net banking also. In another option, one can call the customer care and ask the executive to take the order. The officer can also provide the menu item and book the order as per the wish of the passenger. In this option, the passenger can also opt for the cash on delivery of food parcels.

As per the system the delivery boy keeps the food parcel ready and wait at the concerned station for the passenger, and as soon as the train arrives, he provides the food parcel to the passenger at his place. He also collects the cash at that time.

Overall, this system has been proven much helpful to various passengers. Kids and older people who can hardly bear the hunger can get the benefit of this system easily. The food provided by the service provider is fresh and delicious. The food is just like made in a hotel. The quantity is also enough to help one passenger with food and enjoy the trip.

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