Food items to try when in Betul!

Betul is a small district in Madhya Pradesh and is well-known for the diverse food it offers. If you are roaming around and touring Madhya Pradesh, then you can always call for food delivery in Betul station. You can try few of the below listed dishes if you want to eat a variety of different foods from the little town…


  1. Thick dal and roti – You can find the dal and roti combination all around in Madhya Pradesh. A thick dal is prepared and the highest quality of roti is made with great wheat. You must have eaten dal roti before but the taste of this meal is just different. There are different spices used to make the dal and it is just incredible.
  2. Daliya – We all know what daliya is as it is quite a popular breakfast snack from a long time. Broken wheat is made in milk and salt. It is basically like pudding but the Indian version of it. This simple dish can be eaten as breakfast or in the evening for just a quick bite.
  3. Bhindi Masala – Bhindi masala is a generic dish all over India, but then again it is made in a very diverse way here. The ladyfingers are cut in between and stuffed with a mix of gram flour plus spices. They are then deep fried and later dipped into tomato gravy, which has mint leaves in them. This is one delicious dish to try without fail. It tastes great with roti or any Indian bread.
  4. Seekh Kebab – If you are a lover of non-veg food ,then you know what seekh kebab is. In Betul, the recipe is quite similar to that what is made in the Mughlai cuisine. You can have kebabs with or without gravy here. There are tons of eateries that have special kebab dishes in Betul.
  5. Khatta Chivda – Chivda is a famous tea time evening snack which most of us enjoy. It is basically fried rice, which has flavours added in it through salt, peanuts, oil and sugar. In Betul, sometimes the chivda is made with raisins and turmeric. It is a great snack during travelling too.
  6. Moth Dal Namkeen – A mix of pulses and lentils put together, which are roasted to make the recipe. This is enjoyed during the tea time and is also a quick snack served to guests in every household in Betul. It is easy to make and is healthy at the same time. If you do stop by at a local eatery in Betul, then you can ask for this snack if you really want to try it.
  7. Shikanjhi – If you have visited the North of India, then you are familiar with this drink. It is a spiced up cold beverage, which is quite famous. It is basically made with lemon pulp, water, salt and sugar. There are spices like ginger, mint, pepper, jeera and cumin powder added for extra flavour.

So, the next time you are in Betul, make sure you try these dishes.

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