Experience the wonderful journey with Indian Railways

As far as the people of India and their way of travel are concerned, the railway is an integral part of the society. There are lots of routes and centres connected by the Indian railway that makes the passengers reach from one to another location easily. There are trains that can make the people reach from one destination to another and help them to explore different areas. There are short, medium and long route trains in different areas of the country. Some of the long route trains pass through a number of states and keeps on moving for days together. There are lots of situations and troubles that the department of the railway has to face to offer the best of the services to the passengers. Those who are in the travel of a long route need facilities of food and rest, which the department tried to cover at its best.

The Problem of food supply and solution:

The department of a railway found a solution for almost every trouble it came across to provide the best facilities to the passengers. However, when it came to counter the problem of food supply to the passengers on the long route trains, it proved a Himalayan task for the department as well. It put all the efforts and applied a variety of ideas to help the passengers on-board have fresh food. It attached pantry cars to the trains of long route and also offered licenses to food parlours on the platform, but the satisfaction of passengers was not at all up to the level it expected. At least the private players who deal with the supply of food parcels came to its rescue and today it can be said that the department has got a permanent solution to this problem now.

How the food parcel helps it?

The supplier has a wide network and hence the passenger just needs to call on his customer care or log on the site. In any of these options, the passenger can check the food menu first. He can also know the rate and then decide if he wants to go for the same or not. In case he wants to place an order he needs to provide his name and number as well as the PNR number to verify his status. The system or customer care as the case may be can after that takes the order. The passenger also needs to select a station where he would prefer to have the food delivered. In case he asks to deliver the parcel at Salem Junction, he will get the food delivery in Salem Jn as soon as the train reaches the station.

Hence, the passenger can get a food parcel timely and also enjoy the food which is delicious. It is prepared by expert cooks in a healthy kitchen and hence one does not need to spoil health by eating junk food also. The food parcel is also with reasonable rates and sufficient quantity that can add great value to the service. Its increasing popularity demonstrates that passengers love this service now

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