Enjoying a family holiday and delicious food at Betul

The city of Betul is located in the state of Madhya Pradesh. It is a well known place having moderate climate and plenty of tourist attractions to enjoy.

 Some important places of interest in Betul

  • Muktagiri: It is in Maharashtra’s Amaravati district and Betul district that the place has been located, just within their borderline. It boast of being serene beauty that makes it a must visit by the tourists. Satpura mountain range as well as lush green valley is what makes the place a real delight for the tourists. It also has been the Jain sects sacred place, having about 52 temples and a wonderful waterfall.
  • Balajipuram Temple: In Betul is located a temple called Rukmimi Balaji temple boasting of having the largest volume of tourists visiting the place every year. Moreover, the temple’s grand architecture and lush greenery that is found around does make it the best place to visit with the whole family. It is in the Dravidian style of South India that the temple has been constructed, making it a grand spectacle for tourists to enjoy.
  • Kukru Khamla: A small hillock region located surrounding the Satpura mountain ranges, having lush greeneries. From hill top, one can get to view the ecstatic and mesmerizing Satpura Rang. The tourist can also get to see plenty of migratory birds.
  • Kherla Fort: The fort is known to have played a crucial role in history and belonged to Gond Dynasty rulers, who then had ruled over India’s central region. Although the fort present is in ruins, its architecture can still be regarded to be a classic symbol of the then era and of history.IMG_1090

Interesting dishes to taste

There are many tourists of all ages who could be really a foodie and would like to taste the region’s cuisines. A better way to do so when passing by the city in train is to order for hot, delicious, authentic food delivery in train at Betul station.

Some of the common dishes prepared here as follows:

  • Bhindi Masala: In this type of preparation, ladyfingers get cut to small pieces. They the pieces get stuffed with combination of gram flours and spices. Then the stuffed pieces get deep fried and dipped in gravy prepared from tomatoes. To garnish the dish, mint leaves get used.
  • Roti and thick daal: This is actually yellow lentil preparation. Also it makes use of minimal water, plenty of spices and is excellent combination with rotis.
  • Moth Dal Namkeen: It is a popular snack item which is mixture of lentils and pulses. They get roasted together, to be served with coffee or tea. They are stated to be healthy snack, while being favorite of local people here.
  • Khtta Chiwda: This has been stated to be just the perfect snack item which is served along with coffee or tea. Here the rice gets lightly fried in oil, then with salt and spices. For that extra flavor, peanuts are added. At times, turmeric powder and raisins are also included for providing that fabulous taste.

Getting to know the cuisine of Betul can help the tourist to enjoy every moment of the time spent here.

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