Enjoy the Regional Delicacies of Bilaspur with Online Food Delivery

In India, one can see a vast diversity in the culture in different parts of the country. Some of the best examples of cultural and historical richness can be found in every part of India. With the vast diversity, one can also find different types of cuisines when visiting different cities and states in India. Bilaspur is one such city in Madhya Pradesh that has a lot to offer to the visitors and food lovers. The cuisine of the city is greatly influenced by the cooking style of mughal period and a variety of mughlai dishes can be enjoyed here in the restaurants and hotels of the city. As the city is home for a considerable population of both Hindus and Muslims, one can find both vegetarian and meat based dishes in the city.

Meat Based Dishes

 When you visit the inner parts of the city, you can enjoy the street and traditional foods of Madhya Pradesh that are served in the street shops and restaurants of Bilaspur. Some of the best meat based dishes such as kebabs and chicken curies are served by the street shops. A major dish that is very popular in Bilaspur is the Achar Gosht, which is cooked with meat that is minced in rich pickle spices. The meat used for this dish is both chicken and mutton. Keema is another specialty of the place. This dish is prepared by mincing lamb meat or mutton. Other delicacies that one can enjoy here are Biryani Pilaf, Roghan Josh and pulav keema.IMG_0981

Vegetarian Dishes

In addition to meat based dishes, you can also enjoy the delicious vegetarian dishes that are served here like Bafla. Bafla is a cake which is prepared with refined wheat flour, and then it is soaked in plenty of ghee before cooking. The dish is served along with curry or dal, which is very thick. Poha is also another vegetarian dish that is popular not only n Bilaspur but almost every part of Madhya Pradesh. It is prepared by cooking flattened or puffed rice, which are then steamed or cooked with spices.

One can also enjoy many different desserts when in Bilaspur such as Jalebi, Faluda, Kulfi, Rabri, etc.


There are plenty of beverages that are specialty of Bilaspur such as butter milk, sugarcane juice, and lassi. An alcoholic beverage that is prepared from fresh flowers of Mahua Trees. Apart from these delicacies, another exclusive thing that one can enjoy in Bilaspur is the beetle leaf or Pan. It is a type of mouth freshener that is served after every meal.  Pan has a very refreshing taste and is available in several different flavors. It is very good for digesting heavy meals.

When you are travelling to Bilaspur with Indian Railways, the best option of enjoy regional food of Bilaspur is to avail the services of online food delivery at Bilaspur Jn station. The online delivery services deliver fresh and delicious food right at your train seat in very less time, and you can enjoy your favorite food without going anywhere.

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