About E-Catering Services

E-catering services have revamped the way people resort to food habits while being on board. Train journeys are usually cover long tedious hours, which leave a person in perplexing situation in regards to food. In order to resort to this set of problem, e-catering services are offered. As the name suggests, it is basically an online portal medium, which allows the users to select range of food and get it delivered on the desired train at the desired time. With fresh, hygienic couture of foods, one is sure to enjoy the long journey with ease. Launched on trial basis, the services are extended now to over 76 trains owing to the huge response and success rate.

What Are E-Catering Services?

E-catering refers to the online catering services, which work by placing an order in the online platform such as from internet, SMS or by calling on the toll free number. The order can be placed anytime from anywhere across India. IRCTC has tied up links with a network of food service providers who run and transact in en route via different places and hence can vouch for fresh food delivery. Once the order is placed, certain other information like the train name and number, the desired berth and the menu details along with the timing of food such as breakfast, lunch and dinner can be mentioned. Payment can be either done online with the help of portals or can be given in cash after the food is delivered to them. All the more, range of cuisine options is available like North India, platter of south Indian dishes, Chinese, Mughlai, Italian and continental. Booking in advance assures of availability of the food along with the apt time for delivery.

What Are The Benefits Of E-Catering Services?

Ecatering services come across as a boon for long time journey travelers. People who are unable to carry food can get a sigh of relief from these services. In fact, the issue of stale food is also completely eradicated since fresh food is offered all through the day. Another benefit is that one can get the food as per the taste buds regardless of wherever the train journey leads one to. So, in case, one is travelling in North India, there is still an option of ordering south Indian foods, which make the services quite versatile in nature. All the more it prevents one from worrying about one of the most important aspects –food. In addition, all these facilities are provided at a very reasonable cost, which makes it all the more popular.

Details about E-Catering Service Providers -

TravelKhana, the private online portal supplies fresh food to the travelers across hundreds of cities. It is the award winning firm and is known for its exemplary services and quality of food. Recipient of IAMAI award in the year 2014 and also the best travel startup by CNBC TV in the year 2013, TravelKhana is based on three pillars- availability of food, flavors pertaining to different cuisines and hygienic food, which delve all the points of customer satisfaction. One can place orders by visiting the website and through phone.

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