Do not compromise on food when you travel?

Indian cuisine has drawn praise from all quarters. The world is gaga and mad about food in this part of the world. A big thumbs up is credited to the people who have a liking towards food. The best part is that we as Indians are never tired of trying anything new and more so when it relates to food. Our tongue wags when we have anything delicious and we long it over and over again. This is the main reason on why Indian cuisine is famous all over the world. The food lovers can have a host of dishes and each one retains its unique flavor not forgetting the charm.

No wonders to the fact that we Indians are classified as foodies. Be it for daily or occasional needs, a tasty food is bound to make you happy. When at home, tasty food is bound to make you crave for more and a second helping is available as you are in the lap of luxury. But all these plans go out of the window, when you are outside travelling and particularly so when it is at the cost of Indian railways. Anyone who has travelled by this medium will never have sweet words concerning the food quality that is dished out by the railways. Either it is too spicy or salty, and an experience that you would want to forget it in a flash. Some premium trains have catering services included in them and the food provided can be classified as semi decent. The charges are included in the cost of travel. The worst aspect is that the options are limited and more often than not, a couple of options are there at your disposal. It is bound to send out shivers down your spine if you are of the food type.

What happens in such scenario is that passengers ignore the food of the pantry car and look up to roadside stalls for food. Most of them flaunt the municipality norms and hygiene is the last thing on their mind. The net result is that you end up playing with your health. Whatever one may say that the food stalls are reputed, but they still have a long way to go in proving authentic and quality food. But the emergence of private companies has changed things to a considerable extent. In a way, they have revolutionized the whole concept of rail food and you can order food delivery in train Vishakapatnam that will change this concept to a large extent.

Not only food, the passengers can avail information about the current running status of the train, and timetables of other trains. They have partnerships with the leading brands of the country which ensures that the food has a homely touch and delivered on to your seats. The best part is that passengers can avail an extensive menu from where they can choose the food of their choice. To order just type in your seat number and the mode of payment can be online or cash on delivery options is available as well.

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