A Grand way to enjoy the journey

The journey by a train is indeed a different experience. No doubt every traveller has his own views and preferences about a mode of transport, but when it comes to having a long route journey a majority of the traveller’s vote for the train only. A few of the known drivers behind this preference are the convenience of movement, ease of catching a train, large network, low fare, facilities such as sleeping and sitting, timely availability and the most noteworthy is the facility of the washroom.

However, despite all these facilities there were many passengers who were not that willing to travel with it until the last few years. The dirty platforms, the attitude of on-duty officers, stinking washrooms, and dirt everywhere were some of the known causes for such attitude of the passengers to the railway. Understanding its role and competition in the market, the department also brought many changes in its facilities and added a lot of features that again made it a preferred mode of travel by a large number of passengers across the nation.

A beautiful feature:

The food delivery is the latest feature added to the grand portfolio of beautiful features of railway services. There are many services launched by the Department of the railway in the last few years. All these services are useful to the passenger by a computer or a smartphone. The food parcel service is helpful to the passengers who are on a train for a long route journey. During such a journey hunger is obvious and to satisfy one’s tummy is not easy as the train rarely takes a halt at some platform for more than 2 minutes. Within 2 minutes to get quality food is not easy. The food parcel can come to one’s help at such stage. One can place the order online as well as with the help of a call to the customer care. In case one is not having phone connectivity or facility to access a computer, some of his relative or friends can also place the order on his behalf.

The food parcel:

The food parcel is a beautiful option to have quality food while one is still travelling. One can get the food parcel as per own choice. In case one wants to have the food delivery in Ratnagiri station, he can have the food parcel as soon as the train reaches the station. The delivery boy already presented at the station goes to the seat of the concerned passenger and provides the food parcel. He can also collect the amount if while ordering the passenger have chosen the option of cash on delivery.

The food provided by the provider is of high quality and much mouth-watering. One can enjoy the food quality as well as taste just like the food of a hotel. It is also prepared by some of the known chefs at various restaurants of different cities. The passenger can enjoy the food quality during the journey and need not compromise with his health during the journey and enjoy the journey of the long route also.

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