A food experience you just can’t resist

While one is travelling by train, though, he can have all the wonderful experience if the food is available while he is onboard. The availability of food is an area of concern for a lot of passengers, particularly for oldies and kids. The oldies may need to take medicines while the kids may not be able to bear the hunger and hence at a certain time they need to have such quality food that can help to have enough quantity and better quality to offer best eating experience. To have such food is also not easy as the train for a long time is constantly on tracks and one may not get time to get down, find a restaurant on the platform and get food. The pantry car is also not capable of providing such facilities and hence to have perfect and delicious food is nothing less than a challenge in this situation.

But thanks to Indian railway that find out the solution in the form of food parcel and allow the food parcel service provider to offer the food parcel to those passengers who palace order with them.

The availability of food parcel:

The system of food parcel is such that one can get the food parcel at the concerned station at required time. In case one needs the food delivery in train Guntur Jn, one needs to mention the same while placing the order by the website or by the call center. The customer care officer at the time of taking the order can confirm the PNR number and accordingly confirm the delivery of the parcel at the concerned station. He also notes a few details such as the preference of the passenger for food and payment options. In the payment options, there are offline and online payment options available with the food parcel service provider. In case one is in train and does not have credit or debit card, can make pay to the delivery boy in cash also. The food is also delicious and made in hygienic conditions by expert chefs. There are lots of varieties of different dishes on the menu, and hence one can enjoy the great change in food for lunch and dinner.

The advantages:

For a passenger, there are lots of benefits of this service. One can enjoy quality food at reasonable rates and enjoy the taste also. They provide the food on time which makes the service more useful for those who need to take food after or before medicines. For old age people as well as kids who cannot bear the hunger, this service holds a huge significance. Due to quality, rate and quantity, the service has got an overwhelming response from passengers of different segments. One can also check their website to know if the service will be available on a concerned route or not. This information can be availed from customer care as well as they are constantly upgrading their services on different routes and lot many new routes are being added to their network.

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